Modern facilities, own vineyards and qualified staff involved in the project

The wine world had no secrets. When the mature fruit is ready, the skills come into play of those in charge of turning into wine.

To achieve this goal, also we have a facility that is constantly renewed and modernized.

[featured_1 image_url=”” title=”Cellar” button_text=”Learn More” button_url=””]Many generations proud of his work were adding to the family project new plots and vineyards that supply the winery nowadays.[/featured_1] [featured_1 image_url=”” title=”Vineyards” button_text=”Learn More” button_url=””] We respect each of the lessons learned from our ancestors and try to apply them with modern and sustainable techniques to get excellent grapes.[/featured_1] [featured_1 image_url=”” title=”Team” button_text=”Learn More” button_url=””] Proud of our Wines. The winery and each of our wines take the family name Zuazo Gaston representing our history.[/featured_1]

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